Update and Latest News from Zimbabwe Situation

UPDATE: Zimbabwe
Here is a summary of discussions by 20H00 Wednesday in Harare. Sources disclose a deal has been signed between the military and President Mugabe. Power to be handed over to an interim Government under the curatorship of Emmerson Mnangagwa with the assistance of Morgan Tsvangirai and Joyce Mujuru as VPs. The interim government will be for 3 years paving way for elections.

The trio mandated to restore the economy. Mugabe promised state protection together with family as he goes into forced retirement. G40 members, a faction affiliated with Grace, to appear in Court to face corruption treason and corruption charges the Grace had been blocking. A leaner cabinet to be appointed. No more Zanu PF Congress in 2017. By 21h00 Wednesday, Mugabe was now refusing to make the public announcement at midnight, he no longer wants the deal. Grace is in Harare but not anyway near the discussions. She is isolated from Mugabe in these discussions.
Catholic Priest, Father Fidelis Mukonori is mediating between Robert Mugabe and the Generals.

He is being assisted by Martin Rushwaya the Permanent Secretary for Defence and Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba. Jonathan Moyo and Savior Kasukuwere also sought refugee at Mugabe’s mansion known as the Blue Roof. However they were picked up late last night and are now in custody. A Zimbabwe Government twitter page managed by Charamba indicates that an interim President, Emmerson Mnangagwa might be appointed by this Friday. Mugabe was in August given less than 8-months to live by his Singaporean doctors as his cancer has reached the final stages. Meanwhile, SADC has called an emergency Troika meeting to be held in Botswana tomorrow, 16th November at 15:00hrs to discuss the Zimbabwe situation.