Swapo heavyweights clash over fishing quotas

Margret Mensah-Williams refuses to be undressed that easily in public

WINDHOEK—Social media was this past weekend abuzz with top politicians Minister of Education Katrina Hanse-Himarwa (50), her husband Ghenno, National Council Chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams (55) and Swapo heavyweight Yvonne Boois (54) returned fire with fire over Hotago Fishng CC, which they have been partners.

Unrestrained and crude mudslinging was the order of the weekend as top Swapo heavyweights exchanged insults, where a former regional administrator blamed the husband of her former boss (governor) of stealing money from their fishing company, allied by the Mensah-Williams.

It was Boois, former Hardarp Region Chief Regional Officer, under then governor Hanse-Himarwa who brought up the issue that provoked the Facebook-storm, as Mensah-Williams retaliated.

“Margaret Mensah-Williams please help me out before I can reply to your post. You are saying allegations and utter lies. Now which part? Is it the part that you were celebrating Comrade Shifidi’s murder or the part where you and Ghenno Himarwa are stealing/robbing our Fishing Company dry? You are saying “See you in court” Oh, and how many people are you planning to take to court? It’s not that easy. Ask me I know. But tell me how do you sleep at night every time you withdraw from our monies, knowing that there is another shareholder/comrade not getting anything? And you are a ‘so-called’ National leader?” wrote Boois.

Boois last year opened a criminal case (CR 603/01/2016) against Ghenno Himarwa accusing him of fraud and theft from Hotago Fishing. No arrest we made, same as the futile High Court recourse she sought in April 2015 requesting her partners in the fishing companies to provide financial statements. Hence her “Ask me I know (about the courts), it’s not that easy,” reiteration to Mensah-Williams.

Hendrik Witbooi, Johannes Richter and Mensah-Williams are the other partners in Hotago.

Some of the conversations this weekend on Facebook degenerated into serious verbal exchanges with the acerbic politicians at times using uncouth language to denigrate the views of their followers.

Wrote Boois, “I don’t think they stealing/robbing me from my shares in our Fishing Company is a Party issue. Yes, I tried all the avenues to get back what is due to me. It is the greed, selfishness and blatant disrespect for follow Namibians by the likes of Magret Mensah-Williams that has Namibia in the situation it is in today. Yes, reading the Windhoek Observer of today made me think back to yesteryear, the year in which Comrade Shifidi was killed. The likes of Margret Mensah Williams were celebrating the death of another ‘terrorist’, today she and many others like her are better and mightier comrades than anybody else. How shameful. But that is given, people do change and change for the better. What is more shameful is the fact that she is without blinking an eye with the assistance of Ghenno Himarwa, is stealing and robbing our fishing company dry. Ever since 2013, I have to battle to get my dues. Lawyers, the high Court, court case withdrawal, Advocates and I am asking myself, what type of greed and dishonesty can hold on to dear life to ordinary people so that they lose all common sense and shame? And it is when people do not shame that the social fabric of the society collapsed. Cry Namibia Cry!”

Margret Mensah-Williams was displeased by the posts and hit back saying she did not know Boois because the latter is not from Hardap region.

Wrote Mensah-Williams, “I will surely take up my rights in a court of law because sometimes you keep quiet and people think it’s out of weakness.  It is indeed out of strength and because of leadership, but one thing I will never allow is that someone tarnish my good name, reputation and most importantly my integrity.  That is a no-going zone. Cyber bullying became the order of the day and theses cybercrimes need additional legal framework. But we have an established framework in which such crimes can be prosecuted. One Namibia, One Nation. We are building a Namibian house.”

Mensah-Williams wrote in reference to the Electronic Transactions and Cyber Crime Bill which the Namibian government is busy drafting where those who intentionally post harmful information on the internet will be fined N$10 000 or face up to two years in prison when the new law is enacted.

Whether its embarrassing social media or embracing it, the other side of the politicians or rather cracks within Hardap region has only been revealed online and sources close to all parties told Oshili24, this no-holds barred Facebooking might get uglier if all the ladies involved decide to expose each other’s bedroom secrets, since they have been long time friends.

Katrina Hanse-Himarwa is trying to play calm as the barrage continues.

Wrote Katrina Hanse-Himarwa under her Facebook name,  Katrina Mutti “One must sometimes be careful not to be drawn by elements who have nothing to lose. This dubious character has been assisted by me in many regards and turned like a real snake against the hand that fed her. Very toxic indeed. I’m seeing a lot of mad woman allegations against myself and my hubby but I remain aloof.”

Then Swapo Youth League member Imms Abdul Karim Nashinge,  intervened, “The nonsense of diplomacy in SWAPO must die! Mensah (sic) brought that lady from RP/DTA to contest for Information and Mobilisation of Khomas with no shame or respect for SWAPO and the members yet she had the guts to decamping others such Cde Martha Namundjebo, Desmond Amunyela and Lazarus Jacobs who are true members of SWAPO. WHAT A WOMAN!”

Mensah-Williams is a staunch President Hage Geingob ally.

Yvonne Boois then seconded Immanuel Nashinge’s sentiments, “You are so right. And that is the reason why in Kalkrand is today sitting with a RDP member as the Chairperson of the Kalkrand Village Council. Shame on the so-called Assigned leaders, they are breaking down the Party from within.”

Youthful commentator Hionel Apollus sided with Mensah-Williams; “Many tides have risen and fallen around the leadership of Margaret Mensah-Williams. Where patriotism continues to deplete in Namibia we have politicians who continue leaning onto the preservation of culture and a together attitude. Mensah-Williams is a astute culture warrior than economist, and for now that is serving her well. A leader that understands social dynamics and works with her constituency to oust social weaknesses. It is arresting to see toxic defamatory remarks of the worse nature on such a character. Because of ethnicity we come from tribes. Where has the notion of tribal unity gone. An African quote rightly sums up “When two brothers fight over their fathers’ wealth, an outsider inherits everything”. People who stand on the shore and scream above their highest peak are toxic. The Namibian government must revisit legislation and frame laws around cyber space. This right here is cyber bullying and cannot be condoned. We refuse yellow Journalism.  We refuse toxic individuals.”

Beyond the smile is an angry Boois who has issued a 11-hour ultimatum to Hanse-Himarwa

But Boois was not to be undone. Like a scorned woman, hell hath no fury as she hit back this Monday morning with an ultimatum; “More than eleven hours ago, I called on Mr Ghenno Himarwa to help out Madam Margret Mensah-Williams, he didn’t come to her rescue. I still want to know what is the link between us and Farm Evrill. I am now calling on Katrina Hanse Himarwa, the person who hooked me up with these two Crooks, Ghenno Himarwa and Margret Mensah-Williams. Madam Hanse Himarwa you were good in what you were doing.You ensured a Fishing Quota for your sister, you yourself is (sic) having a Fishing Quota, your husband is having one with us. He has the biggest share amongst us, yet he is still taking what is due to me? What scale of greed and selfishness is that? As a National leader and a woman are you not supposed to preach fairness and justice. I tried it all. I begged, I reported it to the Ministry, I took some lawyers (Sisa Namandje), I went to court, I got an advocate. I had no success so far BUT I am not going to stop until I get what is due to me. Now please ask Mr Himarwa what is the connection between us and Farm Evrill. Since I know you have a very busy schedule, I’ll be waiting patiently for 11 hours.”

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