Swapo 8 and Mandela Kapere differ on unity

In this month of March 2017, we (Dr Elijah Ngurare, Cde Armas Amukwiyu, Cde Job Amupanda, Cde Desmond Amunyela, Cde Sydney !Ganeb, Cde Imms Nashinge, Cde Vaino Nghipondoka, Cde Eddie Kafita met in Windhoek.
We did this fully aware of the recent history of disunity amongst us, disunity in SWAPO Party and disunity amongst the youth of SWAPO Party; and Inspired by the generational call to wage a successful struggle for economic independence.
In particular we have been daily inspired by the patriotic and revolutionary call to unity of purpose as contained in the saying of Founding President Dr. Sam Nujoma that “A people united, striving to achieve a common good for all members of society, will always emerge victorious.”
The divisions amongst us as young people have caused a total dormancy of the once vibrant and militant SWAPO Party Youth League, SPYL. And this has caused an unjustifiable collateral damage to the brand SWAPO Party. Anyone who convinces us that SPYL is not dead that person can as well convince us that the Pope sells condoms.
We, as young people, are not angels. We accept that. But nobody is an angel either. Much as we blame ourselves for the divisions among ourselves, our elders must also take their share of the blame for having used us to fight their battles and cause hatred amongst the youth.
At stake here is the priceless brand called SWAPO Party. That brand we must save, come what may. We do not want to be judged harshly by history.
During the past 27 years, we have seen the generation before us fighting each other bitterly and in the end they re-united with a delicious dinner at State House. We are therefore taking a leaf from them. We decided to meet and we have buried our differences for the sake of SWAPO Party. And we mean it. This may not go down well in the throats of those who have used us and created hatred amongst ourselves.
From them, we seek no advice. To them, we give neither. We have learned the hard way the pain that comes with trading principles and faking ourselves to be liked by those we are dealing with.
Principles must tower over us for the sake of unity in SWAPO Party. The survival of SWAPO Party lies in us as the young generation. We are to blame if we do not assume that extraordinary revolutionary responsibility. And the time is now.
We have come to go as human beings. Time is limited and short. We will fail in our responsibility if we do not leave positive footprints for succeeding generations to know that we once lived.
That is the reason we remember our forefathers and foremothers for the courage they had when they started to fight for freedom and independence. We are what we are today because of their fearless courage.
As young people, we are simply assuming our historic responsibility. We refuse to be footnotes in history. As a generation we must invest our energy and intellectual capabilities in SWAPO Party ideology and philosophy through unity of purpose and live beyond petty differences for the sake of One Namibia One Nation!
We must guard against the enemy who wish to see the youth of SWAPO Party divided. We must accept healthy debates as constructive discourse for the advancement of democracy within the Party! It is futile for anyone to rejoice over disunity of SPYL, no condition is permanent, a bubble gum is sweet today but not tomorrow. Therefore, it is our patriotic duty and our uncompromising obligation to equally unite as a generation and bequeath this unity to SWAPO Party Pioneers Movement and beyond.
In all 121 Constituencies and 14 Regions of our country, we are encouraging unity of purpose in the advancement of the generational call for the actualisation of Youth Empowerment, Informal Settlement Development, Rural Development and Genuine Economic Empowerment.
One Namibia One Nation. Unity is Strength
Of late there has been talk of unity of the youth, my position on the same is that i Mandela Kapere support unity within SPYL and more broadly within SWAPO. TRUE UNITY implies unity of purpose and unity of action.
True unity in SWAPO will only be achieved if we put aside personall interest for the sake of our country and party. I and the majority of the Youth in SPYL inclunding the majority of the SPYL leadership in the NEC, CC and  in the leadership of the 14 regions have not been privy to recent “unity talk” by so called ‘youth factions’ , logically i and the majority of SPYL members await invitations to these talks to apply our minds to the logic, purpose and goals of this ‘unity’.
No  talk of unity can exist in exclusive groups and in the absence of mutaul respect, any unity that is exclusive and imposed, rings hollow in the minds of The majority of CC, regional and district leadership of SPYL. Unity must be forged to ensure that unity within SPYL and the broader party are achieved at all cost, Not unity of one region, gender, tribe, race or any social contruct against another.
That kind of unity untill i am convinced OTHERWISE by the architects of this unity plan remains unity based on division, untill my invitation and that of other CC members, regional leaders comes, we are yet to be convinced by these calls of unity. Whilst keenly awaiting invitation to “SPYL unity talks” i remain in the service of  all namibians, SPYL and SWAPO.