NQA employees unite to donate 14 sachets of blood

WINDHOEK—A potential 42 people’s lives will be saved thanks to the 14 units of blood collected at the first Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) blood donation drive.

This blood will be distributed to patients countrywide in particular mothers who bleed excessively during or after childbirth and accident victims.

“On behalf of the NQA, I would like to thank each and every employee who donated blood today, the NAMBTS as well as our neighbours from the New Era Publishing Company without whose support this blood donation drive would not have been possible,” said NQA CEO Franz Gertze.

Julien Broekstein, an Evaluations Officer at the NQA was amongst the first-time donors. She said the experience had such a profound impact on her that she willing to do it again.

“I decided to donate blood today because I want to make a difference in someone’s life. I am very proud of myself for being brave and I will definitely become a regular blood donor”, said Broekstein.

“As an organization, we consider ourselves to be a beacon of hope for a better future through the work that we do and this blood donation drive is an extension of that belief. In order for our country to prosper we need skilled, healthy and productive citizens who are actively contributing to the economy. Given the challenges with blood supply and the increasing need thereof, we decided to step up as a team and become part of the solution by organizing this blood donation drive, which is just the first of many”, said NQA Marketing and Communications Manager, Catherine Shipushu.

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