Hage’s dogs, please leave me alone—KK


By Kazenambo Kazenambo (Swapo Member and Former Minister)

Firstly in my Otjiherero culture, if someone’s dog attacks you and the owner of the dog does not make any effort to stop the marauding dog from attacking you, it is taken that he or she is in approval of the mad dog’s attack on you.

Then it is an accepted self-defence measure for the attacked to take whatever measure he or she chooses in self-defence against both the dog and its owner. I repeat that for quite some time I have been attacked in the name of Dr Hage Geingob, President of Namibia by attack-mad-lap dogs calling themselves curious citizens, unprovoked and unsolicited.

I now appeal to Dr Geingob to call his insane dogs off me. Great people discuss ideas while small or untalented people discuss other people the adage goes. Geingob’s attack dogs are so obsessed with hauling insults and resort to character assassinating people without  hardly engaging in any constructive debate.

For this mad dogs who call themselves curious citizens, everything is all about  Geingob presidency at the expense of no one participation or dialogue of issues of public policy and national interests.

Nation building and its narratives are being relegated to only one accept of an individual life thus Geingob power or presidency. What a charade and desperation? There was nowhere I have mentioned anybody’s name at my recent Windhoek Observer newspaper public lecture.  I was analysing and discussing issues of public policy interest and there was nowhere I mentioned FF’s son as it is being alleged by Geingob’s ‘Curious Citizen’ demonic agents who attack me on his name or on the President’s behalf. This nincompoop little neck cows and morons are busy drawing Geingob in the range.

There is nowhere I have attacked the persona of Dr Geingob or anyone else other than differing with him on the handling of issues of public interests such as government handling of Ovaherero and Nama genocide and the ancestral land matters. If they continue provoking me with their pathological lies and dirty campaign desperation of insulting any of their real and imagined opponents or so-called enemies of Geingob, I will also change gear.

Dr Geingob please call off your attack lap dogs and surrogates, especially the so-called Curious Citizen. I will tolerate debating openly on any issues of public interests with anyone but I will not entertain personal insults at the hands of cowards who hide behind undisclosed identity and attacks people on Dr Geingob behalf or name.

Unmask yourself if your campaign is credible and worthy, or else you remain a band of bandits who operate a dirty campaign of vilifying and setting people against one another. If you have a genuine convincing case you will not hide your identity like a band or club of loosing criminals. Delink my name from your unjustifiable dirty campaign lest you want Dr Geingob to become a subject of responsive response on the basis of owner concept. Anyway, the power is all yours if want us to go the route of insulting match. Good luck!!